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Video Production Sheffield

Sheffield is the home of Henderson's Relish, Sean Bean and maybe more importantly - high quality video production services!

Whistle Video are proud to have been providing our video production and animation services for around 9 years and have been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of clients. We primarily work in and around the Sheffield area but often travel up and down the country to work on video production projects.

Returning clients and word of mouth is how we get most of our work and I think that is because we have a 'Sheffield' mentality when dealing with projects - not pretentious, just honest and hard working. We try to bring the 'Sheffield Steel' vibe with us on every project, whatever and wherever that project may be.

Video production can get a bad reputation due to over complicated details - we do the opposite. For example, when a client asks how much a certain project will cost, we give a simple overall project price with no hidden costs. We are upfront with how much time a project will take and what will be needed to make it the best it can be within the client's budget.

I think this approach has a lot to do with been born and bred in Sheffield. I find the good Sheffield folk, on the whole, upfront and honest - sometimes amusingly so!

So, if you have a question or query about a video production project that you have wanted to get off the ground then feel free to get in touch as we believe, as they say in Sheffield, we are "reyt good".


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