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Animation lets your imagination go to the next step, there are no boundries. Turn that idea into a reality. There are a number of different animation styles you can choose from. 

An animation creatively shows your audience how your product or company works. It's an interesting way to inform people about key facts and figures without just showing them a boring spreadsheet. An explainer video, for example, will keep the viewer's attention and therefore they will digest the information much more effectively. An explainer video can use narration or just a simple music track. Story animation is more like a traditional corporate video but using animation instead of live action video. There is normally a key character who highlights problems your customers might face and then show how to deal with them. Here at Whistle Video we pride ourselves on producing high quality video production but also take just as much time perfecting animations. Based in Sheffield, in the surrounding area or 100 miles away, why not try animation to promote your service pr product instead of traditional live action video? Still not sure? Then take a look at some animation examples below or check out our portfolio page HERE:

yee kwan ice cream
NHS Sheffield
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