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Who are Whistle Video?

We are a friendly team of creatives who work on a variety of video production and animation projects.


Whistle Video work with a small group of creative individuals and freelancers. Only the right people are chosen to work on a project that matches their skill set. This sort of flexible production style works well as overheads are kept low which keeps cost down for you.

The founder of Whistle Video, Joe Skillington, has worked in video production for many years but really got inspired whilst living in New Zealand in 2013-14. He started creating holiday home videos for clients to showcase their properties and they were a hit. On his return to the UK his passion for video production was in full swing.


Joe learned that the best way to make successful videos and animations was to get the right team together. So firstly he approached his brother, Sam Skillington, who is a professional illustrator and designer. Next up was James Lord who is Whistle Video's London based Director and camera operator. A range of freelancers are also key to Whistle Video's success.   

When we are not on set or in a dark room animating we love to be outdoors - climbing, cycling or training for marathons. We are a young, creative group that would love to talk about how we can help you and your next video production or animation project - so please feel free to get in touch!



Joe Skillington Whistle Video
Joe Skillington | Founder
Sam Skillington Whistle Video
Sam Skillington | Designer
Sam Skillington Whistle Video
James Lord | Director
Joe Skillington video producton shot
Sm Skillingon on set
Whistle Video is a trading name of Joe Skillington
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