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Video Production: What is the process?

When companies consider creating video content for their business they sometimes feel overwhelmed. This short blog explains how Whistle Video go about video projects.

We all now know that video is a fantastic way to communicate what you and your business does. But, understandably, video production can seem like a minefield which can be expensive. Here at Whistle Video we keep things simple and dont over complicate the process.

Below is a list of the whole video production process from start to finish.


Arguably the most important part of the whole video process is the pre-production stage. If you get things correct at the very start of the process it makes the following two stages of video projects a lot smoother.

There are two key items we need a the start of any video project - A script and a storyboard. This can either be supplied by you, the client, or we can work on these for you, for a small additional fee. Once we have a script and storyboard signed off we can then organise cast, crew, shoot locations and timelines etc.

If you simply require a short promotional video for your business like a'talking head' video then we would only need a rough outline of the sort of video you are wanting to create. From there we suggest how best to go about the video project.

To prepare for the production we normally send over a shot list and schedule so you know what to expect.


The big day(s) has come and it's time to shoot! This is where things really start taking shape. Using our shot list and schedule helps to keep on track and get the content we need. Once all content has been captured we then back it all up on the cloud for piece of mind.

Most of our video shoots happen over 1-2 days depending on the complexity. Our video crew sizes normally range from 1-3 members .This always includes at least one videographer and an additional crew member.

"72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video." - Optinmonster


Once all content is captured it's then on to the editing. This is when the your video starts to take shape. After all the cuts, colours and audio has been completed we send over (digital link) the first draft for review. From filming to delivering the first draft of your video will take no longer than 14 days. We always offer two rounds of amends (if required).

That's it - your video is complete and you can share it with the world!

Final Thoughts

Throughout all of our video productions we are on hand to answer any questions and guidance we can. So if you are thinking of getting started with your video project then please feel free to get in touch.




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