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Covid-19 UPDATE

The last few months have been very strange and I don't think anyone can say that the next few aren't going to be equally as bizarre. Sheffield has recently gone into Tier 3 Lockdown. However, we just wanted to make everyone aware that we are still operating, with our Covid-19 Filming Protocol in place, as (semi) normal. There are certain changes though.

Even though we are a Sheffield based video production company, we work on video jobs all over the country. Over the last month we have carried out video work in Sheffield, Rotherham and even Lemington Spa. This has currently got to change though as anyone in the Sheffield region is unable to travel out of the area. We will obviously be keeping a close eye on the advice and keep up with government guidance. We would urge any potential clients who are interested in video production services for their business or company to get in touch though as guidance is changing all the time and we may be able to help over the coming weeks / months.

If you have any questions regarding an upcoming video project then please feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you asap.

Keep safe,



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