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Video Production for 'Hooch'!

We were recently asked to shoot social media content for Hooch, the fun drinks brand. The content was mainly to be used on Instagram so we created content for Portrait orientation. This obviously has it's limits, for example, you lose a lot of horizontal space. This may not seem like a problem but it takes a little bit more imaginative thinking when you are framing a shot. The rule of thirds is a lot harder to utilise for sure.

However, we had a great time and got to shoot inside the recently opened Duality Bar in Sheffield. This is a new and exciting bar that has a 360 projection room which can wrap any content all the way around the room. We used it to wrap custom made Hooch animations which were a very useful back drop for the shoot. If you are in sheffield and need a great place to shoot video (or just fancy a cocktail!) definitely have a look at Duality.

There are some other technical limitations when filming a video screen - flickering. but a quick change of the shutter speed fixed the problem.

The content will be used to promote Hooch's new line of spirits that have just released. You can find out more HERE. All we can say is that we were very thirsty when we wrapped!

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