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A time to celebrate!

There are many reasons I love my job - but the main one is that one week is never the same as the previous.

Sheffield is my home city and I love it. However, I also love seeing new parts of the country and video production has enabled me to be able to do that. Though Whistle Video is based in Sheffield we travel the length and breadth of the UK to work on video projects of all shapes and sizes.

The last couple of months have been a time to celebrate. We recently worked on a short video for National Express as they have turned 50 this year. We filmed a couple of 'past employees' video testimonials that will be used in the 50th anniversary video. Only a stones throw from Sheffield, the interviews were shot in Wakefield and Barnsley.

Another client was also in the party mood - STEPS rehabilitation celebrated their 5 year anniversary recently and, as their on board videographer, I captured some of the highlights and created a '5 Year Birthday video'. It was a local shoot as STEPS are based in Sheffield.

We also shot content for Franklin and Sons in London as they sponsored the Class Bar Awards. We put together a master video and also a number of social media videos for their Instagram channel.

We hope the next couple of months of video projects are as fun as the last couple!


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