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COVID-19 Filming Prototcol

video production sheffield

The past few months have been incredibly difficult for people personally and for businesses. There is now a new 'normal' and it's going to take some getting used to. However, we would just like to say that we are fully operating and we can cater for your video production and animation needs!


During the height of lock-down there was a definite increase for the need for animated videos for business. Companies were needing short animations to let customers know changes in protocols. We were able, an still are, to create animations remotely - so whether you are based in Sheffield or not we can still create an animated film for your business without ever actually meeting you in person. This is an effective tool in reducing interaction and therefore the spread of Covid-19.

Video Production

We completely understand that sometimes an animation is not the tone you are looking for and you need some form of video production to best promote your business or service. Stock footage videos were also popular through the peak of lock-down as, again, there was no need for face to face interactions.

However, we want to let potential clients know that we are open for business for all types of video production. Safety is really important to us though and this is why, to keep crew and clients safe' we have created a 5 step filming protocol. These basic steps will help reduce risk whilst still capturing the video content you require. If you would like to check out our filming protocol you can download it on this page HERE.

If you have any questions regarding video production or the new processes in place then please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe,


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