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Why Video Is More Important Than You Think...

Video Production Sheffield

Video is a magic wand when it comes to online marketing. Humans are visual species; we find video content more relatable and engaging. It is easier to consume than traditional text. Online videos, for example, are great conversation starters amongst colleagues and friends. Brands love this. The right video can skyrocket brands to incredible heights.

Sadly not everyone is in on the action. Some businesses are yet to embrace video. Some consider it just another option. In truth, video is a necessity. It should be the first option in your online marketing arsenal. If your business is online, you need a video strategy.

Obviously we are a video production company so we would be saying this, right? If you are still in doubt here are some stats. According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses consider video as a marketing tool. Google says; 6 out of 10 people would choose online videos over TV. There are many more stats like these.

The sheer magnitude of YouTube should convince anyone of the importance of video. It is the second-most used search engine after Google. Why? According to Google, 65% of people use YouTube to solve a problem. It is the go-to destination for many people seeking to learn new skills or find answers to questions.

What does this mean to the corporate world?

The cost of producing a top-quality video used to be a barrier in the past. Not anymore. Video production used to be for the big players but with the reduced cost in technology video is now affordable to smaller businesses.

The corporate space is catching up with the video trend. Take LinkedIn, for example. Businesses and company executives are gradually incorporating video in their digital marketing strategies. They are now willing to invest in video.

You see this across several industries on your LinkedIn feed. We see executives engaging with their audience through video posts and businesses investing consistently on high-quality LinkedIn video ads. The trend will continue to grow as more people continue to realise the opportunity video presents.

Here are some obvious benefits.

  • Video is visual. You get to see the person who is talking to you and what they are doing to demonstrate their point.

  • Video is fast. Take, for example, writing a letter explaining how a particular product works. It's time-consuming and wordy to explain the process compared to making a short video tutorial.

  • Video displays non-verbal communication. Body language is a more efficient instrument than verbal communication, according to scientists. The use of gestures and facial expressions drive the point home better than audio.

  • Video engages audiences. The combination of sound and pictures is bound to draw more attention than reading.

Are you still reading? Brilliant!

Here's your takeaway. Video is here to stay. Granted, other forms of video will gain popularity. Platforms like TikTok and Snapchat will continue to grow. They require a different type of video strategy. Millennials want easily digestible information. It should be entertaining while driving the point home. Keep it short and direct. More importantly, know your audience and ensure your strategy satisfies their need. As Whistle Video is based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, we are ideally placed to travel to anywhere in the UK within a matter of hours. So, if you are interested in getting a video created for your company by a video production company that cares then get in touch!

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