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Social Media Videos

If you go back 10 years, or even 5, videos on social media were not nearly as big as they are today. People expect to see some sort of video, not only on your website, but also on your social media channels. The team at Eposee understood this and contacted Whistle Video as they wanted to create a series of marketing videos of varying lengths as part of their release campaign.

video production Sheffield


The team have created ePOS and cloud based solutions that make a restaurant, cafe or bar user's experience easier and hassle free. Depending on the venue there might be a tablet on your table for ordering sushi or a screen at the checkout where you get a clear picture and descriptions of the items you are ordering in real time.

Commercial Video Production

They needed to show to potential clients what the systems have to offer and the tailored service they include. So we came up with a number of videos, shot over 2 day in both Sheffield and Leeds, that concentrated on the user experience whilst also hearing from existing clients who use the products. This video content was then edited into three YouTube releases, three social media releases and a number of shorter Ads.

video production Sheffield

The team at Eposee were after a full video production service that could film not only in the Sheffield area but also in Leeds as that is where one of their existing clients are based. This is where Whistle Video came in as we are a video agency that is proud to film all over the country. The video set will be released as part of their overall marketing campaign and over a period of weeks and months. We think this is a very effective way of keeping the product and company current.

When the videos are live they can be found on the Eposee YouTube Channel, their socials and their website HERE.

Or here are a couple of examples:

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