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Top 3 reasons you NEED a YouTube account for your business!

The year is 2020. Ok, so we aren't flying on hover boards (yet) and we have yet to colonise Mars. However, as I'm sure you've noticed, the internet is a massive part of our everyday lives. And a huge part of the time we spend online is digesting video. The biggest platform for this is YouTube. So, if you are a small business and don't have a YouTube channel, we strongly advise that you move into this new decade with a bang and set one up asap - here are just three reasons why:

One billion hours watched daily

Everyday there are one billion hours of video content watched by users (source - YouTube). If nothing else, this shows that people like watching video and watch a lot of it.

Two billion users

A third of internet users have a YouTube account (source - YouTube). Not only does this show that there are obviously a lot of people using the platform but it also tells us that people are used to it. They understand how it works which makes it easy for them to digest content.

70% watch on mobile

Watching video content is is now more accessible than it has ever been. People use their mobile phones for everything now and video is a huge part of that. 70% of people now watch YouTube on their mobile devices (source - YouTube).

What does all this mean for you and your business and why should you bother?

People now expect to see video on your business channels and website. They use it as a fast track way to gauge if you are the business for them and if you offer something they are after. Having a YouTube channel also enables you to have a platform where people can come back and see what you are up to. Made a new wedding cake for a customer? Why not show it off in a short video? Got a new series of fitness exercises you want to show people - share a video on your channel. Having a channel also shows that your business is current and active and proves that you know that you are the professional in your trade.

So, what are you waiting for, set up a channel now. Need help, check out this link

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