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Coffee and cocktails!

Our video services are used by clients all over the UK, not just our birthplace of Sheffield. But we didn't have to travel too far on a recent project for tableware company, Utopia. If you haven't heard of them you have probably still taken a sip from a coffee cup or cocktail glass of theirs. Based in Chesterfield, they supply table and glassware to a massive amount of restaurants, bars and cafes in the UK.

Utopia asked Whistle Video to create a series of short, social media videos that would sit on their website and inform potential customers about different product lines such as paper straws (no, no the soggy types) and their barista range.

We put our video production caps on and went to work. We agreed that all the videos should have similar on screen graphics to ensure that the viewer knew they were all part of the same batch. Simple motion tracked animation was used to deliver key information and pacy music tracks were used to keep the viewer engaged.

You can check out the finished videos HERE.

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