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Our film screened in Hollywood!

We are really proud to announce that our film 'Patience' will be screened as part of the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2019. Who would have thought our short film featuring the very talented, Sheffield based artist, Andrew Hunt would be showing in the birth place of cinema?!

The short documentary was shot over a number of days and aimed to show the process and patience of Andrew as he spends days painting hyperrealistic portraits. As followers of Whistle Video will know we work on a whole range of video production projects. However, we also love short documentaries and it was a pleasure for us to work on this doc - we are just so happy that it is now reaching a wider audience.

If you still haven't seen the film yet you can check out the trailer below or see the full (5 minute) short HERE. Or, even better, If you are in Los Angeles and fancy viewing it on the big screen you can still purchase tickets HERE.

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