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Dragon's Den eat your heart out!

On one of the hottest days of the year so far we we're filming YouTube videos for a product that will revolutionise how plumbers work. The series of videos will help show end users how to install plumbing products correctly and how simple it really is. Each video, 17 in total, will last between 30 seconds and 1 and a half minutes. Keeping YouTube videos 'punchy' and 'to the point' is vital and the client really understands this. Anything over a minute and peoples attention span has gone. Also, if someone is specifically looking for a 'how to video' they aren't interested in long and lengthy explanations, they want the facts, fast.

The Hathersage based firm contacted Whistle Video as they wanted someone local to their filming location and as this was in Sheffield we were perfectly suited! The videos were shot over a day and delivered within a tight deadline (2 days after shoot!). The client was over the moon and we can't wait to share the videos once they are released! Pic below of trying to keep cool in the heat!

video production Sheffield

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