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It's the Bank Holiday - GoOutdoors!

There is only one thing we like more than video production and that's getting out into the great outdoors. So, we were ticking both boxes recently when GoOutdoors, the outdoors specialist, got in touch with us and commisioned a series of 'How to' videos.


The second largest search engine online is now Youtube and for a very simple reason. Video is a fast and effective way of viewing information. 'How to' videos have become an integral part of businesses who need to showcase their products in a simple and short way. GoOutdoors is no exception. They realised a few years ago that people were searching YouTube to find out things like 'How to put up a tent'. They saw an opportunity to explain how to carry out certain tasks whilst proving to potential customers that they know what they are talking about. Previous videos has seen thousands of views so the market is very large. YouTube is also a great way of communicating with clients through the comments sections. People can ask questions and a company can answer these questions, instantly giving feedback and their expert advice.

Video Series

GoOutdoors contacted Whistle Video to create the first in a series of YouTube videos about things like 'Which sleeping bag is right for me' and 'How to repair a rip in a tent'. The majority of videos were 'To camera pieces' with our expert and presenter, Ian, explaining how things work directly to camera.

Here are just a couple of the videos Whistle Video created:

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