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Documentary Release

Here at Whistle Video we love video production in all the shapes and sizes that it comes in. Working for a wide variety of clients and a real mixture of video content is what keeps us ticking. However, we have especially loved getting our teeth into our new short documentary, Patience, and are so happy to be able to release it!

5 Minutes

When we say short, we mean it. Running time is just over 5 minutes which makes it accessible to pretty much everyone but still long enough to carry the message we wanted.

Andrew Hunt

The documentary is all about the incredible work and artistic process of, Sheffield based artist, Andrew Hunt. We wanted to explore what makes someone spend months on a painting that looks so life like it could be a photograph.


We shot the content over three days using our trusty Sony A7iii. An incredible camera that enabled us to get both silky slow motion footage and time-lapse footage with a few clicks. This was essential as Andrew can paint fast and we wanted to capture plenty of content as it happend.


'Patience' is now in the hands of a number of festivals so we will have to wait and see if we can pick up any awards - fingers crossed! If you would like to see the doc please check it out and let us know what you think!

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