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Time for Photography and Video Production!

Sand timer Sheffield photo

Sand Timer - True Face Aesthetics Clinic

Here at Whistle Video we love all things video production. We wholeheartedly believe that a professional piece of video can make the difference between a successful product or service and a failing one. But we also understand that it's not all about the video. A website obviously is a lot more effective if there is a well made video centre stage. However, photography still plays a massive part in getting your message across and showing your product or service off in all its glory.

Main Corridor - True Face Aesthetics Clinic

Main Corridor - True Face Aesthetics Clinic

We were recently asked by the nice folk at True Face Aesthetics to produce a series of photographs for the new Sheffield based clinic. They understood that potential clients want to see where they will be coming to have their treatments. So they asked us to take a series of photographs that showed the various areas of the clinic as well as some detail shots.

Photography Sheffield

Reception - True Face Aesthetics Clinic

Photography Sheffield

Product shot - True Face Aesthetics Clinic

The cameras we use to shoot our video with have the ability to take stunning photos so this makes the whole process very simple. That's why we like working with the Sony 'A' series cameras, especially our new Sony A7iii camera, as we can capture 4k video and 24mp photos with the same piece of kit.

We had already shot a video for True Face Aesthetics at there previous clinic a few months ago which was really successful so they also wanted us to capture a short video 'walk-through' of their new clinic. How could we say no?!

If you require photography and video in one package why not get in touch?

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