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Kickstarter Videos (Crowdfunding)

Sequence Kickstarter Video production Sheffield

Sequence Kickstarter Project - Alex Szabo-Haslam / James Lowe

Fundraising is no easy job, but over the past few years it has become a lot simpler. Crowdfunding on websites such as Kickstarter enable artists, designers, creators, film-makers and musicians to fund projects that would be a lot harder to make a realty using traditional funding methods.

Simply put, you set up a project page that has all the details of the project you want to get off the ground. You explain to potential 'backers' what the project will entail and how much everything is going to cost by setting a project target. You then offer potential 'backers' incentives for investing. For example, 'Pledge £10 and you will receive a limited edition print'. If the target is met, the project is funded. Unsurprisingly, the most effective way of telling your story and informing the viewer is by using video.


By uploading a video directly or by embedding the video on the page, potential 'backers' can get a great understanding about your project within one click. We have said it before (and will say it again!) but the use of high quality video production is powerful. On Kickstarter, if you have a video on your project page you are 20% more likely to get the project funded. (


Here at Whistle Video, Kickstarter videos are something we love to work on. We like being part of a project from the very start and seeing how the videos we produce help the project get off the ground. We were recently commissioned to create a Kickstarter video for a campaign by Sheffield designer, Alex Szabo-Haslam, called Sequence. Alex takes design seriously and this shows in Sequence. A print project that turns any album into a visual representation.

Sequence Kickstarter video project
Sequence Kickstarter video project

Alex is collaborating on this project with another Sheffield based designer, James Lowe. Already a successful crowdfunder, Alex realised that his previous videos didn't give a fully accurate representation of the projects he was trying to fund. This is why he asked Whistle Video to create a video that truly captured the project. We shot everything on the Sony A7iii at 120fps and used the Zhiyun crane camera stabaliser to create smooth slow motion. The video can be viewed here:

The project has just launched and if you want a unique piece of art then why not check it out HERE.

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