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Do I need a video for my website?

Only a few years ago people were just starting to get to grips with what a website was, now everyone has one. Nowadays people are starting to ask the question - do I need a website video?

We may be a little biased but the evidence is also on our side. To fully engage your audience video is now king. The average attention span of people is reducing every year and a visitor to your site is much more likely to click on a video than read reams of text. A short video is a great way to give the visitor an overview of your business or better still, leave them wanting more.

People like visuals. Pictures and videos instantly give the viewer a taste of what you and your brand does within a matter of seconds. A great way to use video successfully is to have it auto run on your website in the background. We recently created a video background for Parklane Plowden, a barristers chambers based in Leeds. You can check out the video in action HERE.

Facebook video banners work in exactly the same way; they give the viewer an overview of what your are about. We also just completed a Facebook video banner and website video for Bell and Buxton, a law firm in Sheffield. You can check out the video banner HERE.

If you have any questions about website videos or Facebook banner videos get in touch!

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