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Ice-cream - YES PLEASE!

When Yee Kwan contacted Whistle Video asking us to create a trade show video that promoted their story our first thought was - can we get paid in ice-cream?!

Yee Kwan Ice cream

After a brand spanking new re-brand, Yee Kwan Ice cream got in touch with us asking if we could create a trade show video for them. The trade show will be held in Shanghai and be part of their stand - looping on a large LCD screen. The amazing, Sheffield based company, Side By Side were the company tasked with the rebrand and we personally think they did an amazing job. With the imagery and graphics Side By Side created, along with stock and footage captured by Whistle Video we put together a trade show video with energy!

One of the powerful images created by Side by Side

Yee Kwan was clear in her brief - no 'talking head' videos, no 'interview with the owner' videos. There is a time and a place for that type of video but this was not that time. Yee Kwan wanted an upbeat, powerful video that would grab peoples attention and get them talking to her at the exhibition. She also didn't want it to be too long - people don't stick around to watch a long 5 minute trade show video - they want to be hit in the face with the brand and from that they can make a decision straight away.

We added a music track to the trade show video which will be turned off at the event. So why add it in the first place? We suggested adding a music track so the video could be multi-purpose. After the event the video can also be used on social media to share the story in an interesting way.

The only issue we had with this project was editing while the sun was shining outside and seeing soooo much ice cream! We are really happy with how the video turned out and, more importantly, so is Yee Kwan. If you want to see the finished video check it out below:

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