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What a BEAUTIFUL job!

I love my job. It allows me to work on video production projects and animations which is what I am passionate about and think about everyday. One of the main things I love is the fact I get to work on a variety of projects that vary so much. One day I will be shooting a promotional video for a large solicitors firm then the next day I will be animating an elephant trying to walk upstairs - no two days are the same.

However, on that note, just by coincidence, this month we have worked on a couple of video projects that are similar. I'll admit, the world of beauty and cosmetics has never really been on my radar but that changed recently. We have just completed a series of videos for Facetheory and True Face Aesthetics, both Sheffield based companies.


Facetheory are a Sheffield based company who 'help you build a uniquely personal skincare routine from formulations which are designed and crafted to work beautifully together'. They contacted us as they needed a series of web videos, mainly hosted on YouTube. Each video was designed to inform the viewer about various types of cleanser, moisturisers and toners. We shot the videos over one day at Facetheory HQ in Sheffield. YouTuber and beauty and fashion guru Jo Storer was our presenter for the day. It really helps if you have someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about the product or service you are promoting and Jo wasn't lacking in either! As a videographer you are wanting to concentrate on the technical and artistic side of any video. It makes any videographer's life a lot easier if the talent is upbeat and comes across naturally. There was very little direction needed and Jo seemed to be able to retain technical information incredibly!

Check out Jo's Youtube Channel HERE or her online Blog HERE.

Jo Storer

Jo Storer

Jo Storer presenting 'Top 5 Tips for Building a Skincare Routine' video

Facetheory also required 25 'product application' videos which would quickly show what each product looked like when being applied. These will be used on each of their product pages. This is a good example, excuse the pun but, of how video production has a variety of applications.

video production sheffield

True Face Aesthetics

Another Sheffield company also got in touch recently, True Face Aesthetics, a medical aesthetic practice. They already have one practice but have recently opened another and needed this new location promoting. Meeting Richard and David was great. At first they were really nervous about talking on camera and it's fair to say we got plenty of outtakes for the 'blooper reel' - but eventually they nailed it.

We used the Sony A7s camera on the Zhiyun Crane 1V2 to stabalise some of the exterior shots. We mainly shot on the Samyang 14mm Wide angle lens to be able to show the viewer as much of the surrounding area as possible.

You can check out the finished video here:

Video production is where my heart is and I hope that the variety of work keeps coming as I love the idea of not knowing what I will be working on the following month. I wonder what our next video project will be? Need video for you business then why not get in touch?

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