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Hear no evil? See no evil?

Social media is now one of the main places people view video online. So you have a video production company produce a slick video or animation and you want to get it online and shared beyond belief through social media, right? However, have you ever thought that people may just scroll past your video without thinking twice? This might just be down to not having captions \ subtitles on your video. From Facebook to Twitter, subtitles are now being added to most videos. But why?

The major social media players realised that your average user doesn't always hang around whilst viewing their timeline; a large proportion simply scan past videos without subtitles. We have all done it, you don't want to click on the video to enable sound, it might only be a tiny step that takes a second or so but we are becoming increasingly more lazy. We want information faster than ever before and if that means we have to make an additional click to view the video we may just keep scrolling.

Whereas, by having captions the viewer can read along with the video and is much more likely to stick around until the end of the video. Recent internal Facebook tests show that adverts on Facebook with captions increased the video view time by an average of 12%.

(Recent subtitles that were added to an NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospitals video Whistle Video produced)

It's not just social media where subtitles are extremely useful. Videos that are played on screen at trade shows are a great place where subtitles are a necessity. Trade shows are noisy places so passing customers might not be able to listen in on the video. But by simply adding subtitles over the video a potential customer can now hang around and get the information they are looking for. Whistle Video realise how important subtitles for video are and this is why we now offer this service on all our videos. We can change the style, font colour etc of the subtitles. Need this service? Then get in touch.

(Subtitles are a great way to keep user engaged with your video on Social Media and at trade show events)

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