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Shortlisted for Film Festival

Anon Film Festival

I am very proud to have been shortlisted for the Anon Film Festival. The festival is created to support independent film makers like myself and will run online and also have screenings at the Northern Light Cinema in Derbyshire on the 11th June. The short film I directed which has been shortlisted is called Fourfathers.


I have always been interested in the father-son relationship and why some people have a need to make their father proud. I wanted to see perspectives from different generations of the same family and so the micro-documentary (1min 30s) 'Fourfathers' was born!

Four generations of the same family tell us what makes a good father and what it means to be a good son. Duke, Sam, Paul and Barry may have the same blood but, with a 75 year age gap, do they hold the same opinions?

Creating this short documentary was great fun. I found it interesting filming members of the same family (even though it was my own) and seeing their different takes on life. Duke was the first of the four to be interviewed and he was superb. They say never work with animals or children but Duke was a pleasure to interview. A four year old is very honest and holds nothing back which is refreshing when interviewing someone on camera. When creating corporate videos people sometimes have a tendency to over think their answer and word it in a way they think the audience will like. A four year old answers immediately and honestly.

Short films are a great way to tell stories. Though the documentary is only short I think, or at least hope, it tells us a lot about how we view our fathers and sons. I found it difficult to be brutal and cut away any 'fat' that wasn't essential. This is hard when you capture a lot of footage and have a lot to say. However, it makes you strip back the story to the bare bones and really sharpens your editing skills.

Documentary Films

Sheffield is a great place for Documentaries. The Sheffield Docfest runs every year and is one of the biggest documentary film festivals in the world. This year it runs from 10th-15th June so if you are in the Sheffield area or like to travel you really should pop along.

My love for video production including short film and documentaries will hopefully come through in Fourfathers and maybe even get some festival wins. I'll keep you all updated over the coming months - watch this space!

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