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Battlefield 1 Trailer (2016)

As I sit in my humble Sheffield house watching the new Battlefield 1 trailer, I can’t help but notice my flesh is covered in goose bumps, my eye is twitching and I’m drooling into my lap. That’s because I’ve experienced an emotion overload. Now unless you have a penchant for either the battlefield franchise or the glorious iconography of WW1, then this might seem odd. But for those who do appreciate such things, then this simple trailer should leave you in a similar trembling mess.

The aim of the trailer is to promote the upcoming 2016 title; “Battlefield 1” and it certainly does that, with over a million likes barely a day after its upload. From the opening notes of OST’s Seven Nation Army cover, the mood is set and the visuals only add to the grimy, action packed realism. It features all kinds of real WW1 weapons, apparel, planes, tanks, boats and even an epic looking Zeppelin.

I have to give it 5 stars as I am still a quivering mess of a geek, curled up around the table leg. The animated trailer delivers a high octane sensory overload of violence and action, caked all the while in mud, dirt and blood - a true testament to what can be done with high quality animation . So if you’re a fan of Battlefield, or just like having your emotion glandes stimulated, then get your eyeballs around this!

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