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7 Top Tips For A Captivating Corporate Video!

Corporate video tips

So you have a great company and you think the world and his dog should know about it. What better way than to create a slick corporate video to sit pride of place on your company website? But where do you start? Well, this is a great place. Here we will run through our top tips for creating a captivating corporate video.

1. The Script

Like any video production or animation project the main starting point and foundation of your corporate video is the script. A well written script gives you a starting block on which to build an effective video from. Make a list of your key messages and work from there. But always have in mind that you shouldn't tell your audience everything about your company. Keep it brief and concise and stick to your main selling points.

2. Talking heads

A good corporate video normally has at least one talking head, (an interview with a member of the team) and for good reason. An audience is much more likely to connect with your company if there is a face to your brand. We are all human after all and knowing that there are people behind your company ensures that there is trust in you from the outset. Choose your talking heads carefully though. Does your audience need to hear from your CEO or would people connect more with members of the front-line staff? This all depends on your brand and who you are trying to appeal to.

Sheffield Corporate Video Example

(Images from the corporate video Whistle Video produced for the Sheffield based company, Smilelign)

3. B-roll \ cutaways

Get plenty of B-roll footage! B-roll footage, or cutaway footage, is a great way to show interior, exterior, product and people shots whilst the audience is listening to a narrator or a talking head. Make sure the B-roll footage is relevant to what is been said by the interviewee or narrator though - the audience won't understand why they are watching an exterior shot of your company while the narrator is mentioning the great customer relationships you have built up over the last year.

Sheffield Corporate Video B-roll

Sheffield Corporate Video B-roll 2

5. Soundtrack

A well thought out sound track really stitches the corporate video together and gives a good sense of flow. Depending on the length of your video try not to select a track that is too repetitive as this can turn a viewer off. A great place to get custom made tracks for your corporate video is from Yorkshire based company Music Vine.

7. Animated logo \ intro ident

Try to 'top and tail' your corporate video with a title plate which includes your logo, or even better still get an animated version of your logo produced as this brings the production values up to a much better standard.

Producing an effective corporate video takes some time and planning but when done correctly can really add to the impact your company has online.

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