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Monsters, Inc (2001)

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Duke is 4 years old, lives in Sheffield, and loves animation. He respects the time and effort it takes to create high quality, entertaining animation. Ok maybe not - he likes silly monsters and plenty of crazy action. We asked Duke, the son of our in house designer Sam, a few questions about one of his favourite animations, Monsters, Inc.

SAM: Hello Duke Skillington, and thank you for meeting me today to discuss Monsters inc. Could you please explain what this film is about?

DUKE: It's about a alien, a alien who gets with a big bear. He's my kind of bear, he's so funny. I watched it at the cinema.

SAM: And what are these guys trying to do?

DUKE: They're trying to make friends, they're trying to make all kinds of new friends.

SAM: With other monsters?

DUKE: Yeah. With other monsters and with other children.


What about the animation and the production quality?

DUKE: .....What does that mean?

SAM: What did the film look like?

DUKE: It was so cooooool!

SAM: What was your favourite part of the film?

DUKE: My favourite bit was where the aliens started getting silly.

SAM: And which parts didn't you like?

DUKE: The scary bit when the ghost comes, but I still watched it, I watched the whole film.

SAM: Would you tell other boys and girls to watch the film?

DUKE: Oh yeah.

SAM: And finally how many stars would you give it out of 5?

DUKE: (thinks a while whilst looking at his fingers) Ten.

SAM: OK, Thanks for your time Duke.

DUKE: can we do another film?

SAM: Maybe next week, Thanks again Duke.

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