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Bridge of Spies (2015)

Two words; Speilberg and Tom Hanks. Ok three. I heard these words and were instantly interested in Bridge of Spies. That was the hook but would th film reel me in?

The short answer is yes, but here is the slightly longer answer. The cold war is always going to be an interesting subject, especially in recent times. The film shows how things can so easily go one way or the other depending on who is making the shots. In this case it was Tom Hanks's character, James B. Donovan.

Donovan was an insurance solicitor who goes on to represent a Soviet spy in the American courts. With the country, and family, routing for him to lose - he does. The film doesn't stop there though thankfully. Months later we travel to east Berlin where Donovan has to negotioate to get an American spy back to safety.

There are a number of scenes that keep you gripped and this is down to the writers - Matt Charman and the Coen Brothers. An unusual change for the critically acclaimed directing siblings but they do not let the side down. In fact, they make the side what it is.

This truly is an espionage thriller from start to finish. You feel uneasy and find yourself shouting at Tom Hanks to take any deal he is offered and get out of there but he doesn't listen.

If you like sweaty palms and an ever growing urge that something bad is going to happen quickly go and see this film.

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