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K1 Visa Application Package

Are you in the process of putting together your K1 Visa Application? Finding it confusing and complicated?

Don't worry, you are not alone! There are so many forms to fill in and send off. So many different things you have to think about and get right. You are panicking because you don't want to make any mistakes and delay the process any more than you have to.


We have put together a package that has all the forms and notes that you need in order to make your application as hassle free as possible. 

As you go through the package you will find some pages that need to be filled in with relevant information and some pages with instructions of what to put in place for that particular part of the application.

"I used this package and my application was successful with no delays!"

- Leanne Lewis \ Successful K1 Visa Applicant

*This package does not guarantee your application will be successful and we take no responsibility for you application process. This package should be used as a tool to help make the application process a lot more simple

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