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In theatres (literally)

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals have asked us at Whistle Video to create another video for them. This time the video will be showcased at the Sheffield Wednesday Football ground to promote the 'Seamless Surgery' campaign.

The team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is trying to make a patient's surgical 'pathway' as smooth and flawless as possible. With a great number of people and teams involved sometimes things inevitably go wrong and this is what is been addressed and improved.

The film we are producing will highlight key areas that are being improved and key staff that are helping this to become a reality.

The Whistle Video team were out filming in July at both The Northern General Hospital and The Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital. Over 15 interviews with staff were carried out in a short space of time. Obviously we love all things film and video production here at Whistle Video so we have been in many a film theatre. However, since getting addicted to 'ER' many years ago, it has been a lifelong dream to get suited up in scrubs and enter a Surgical Theatre and finally the day came! The entire team at both the Northern General Hospital and The Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital were fantastic and we wish them well with the project.

With regards to the video it will be up on the website soon!

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